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SHH was formed when singer and writer Diana Huarte (a trained opera singer) tried to enlist DJ and producer Daniel Gorostegui (of Don Cornelio Y La Zona fame) to help start an opera nightclub in one of Buenos Aires's many ultra-cool bars.  The club never happened but, after hours spent listening to (and arguing about) music, they realised they had to make some music of their own.

Taking cues from the likes of Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys, SHH  make exciting alternative electronic pop. Sometimes sexy and glamorous, sometimes dark and dramatic,  SHH always focus on big tunes and having fun.

SHH have played Buenos Aires, London, Brighton, Berlin, Sheffield, Madrid, Santiago de Chile and beyond, gigging everywheref rom eco-festivals to fetish clubs, even underneath a dinosaur (a Natural History Museum).  

Now based in London, and with former music journalist Robert Heller as a third member, SHH have supported legends such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Martin Rev (Suicide),Toyah and T’Pau. 

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