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SHH was formed when singer Diana Huarte (a trained opera singer) tried to enlist DJ and producer Daniel Gorostegui (with his encyclopaedic knowledge of pop and indie) to help start an opera club in one of Buenos Aires's many ultra-cool bars.  The club never happened but, after hours spent listening to (and arguing about) music, they realised they had to make some of their own, and that it had to be Pop.


SHH think pop should be catchy, sexy, glamorous and exciting.  It should also be intelligent, adult and sophisticated.  And, at times, it must also be dark, moody, and outspoken. SHH, like a Goldfrapp with an injection of The Cure, or the Pet Shop Boys left to Peaches’ devices,manage it all.


SHH think Pop should be live.  Stalwarts of Buenos Aires’s hedonistic party scene, SHH have played London, Brighton, Berlin, Sheffield, Madrid, Santiago de Chile and beyond, gigging everywherefrom super-clubs and festivals like Creamfields (Buenos Aires) to fetish clubs and a room full of dinosaurs (in a Natural History Museum).  Now based in London, and with music journalist Robert Heller as a third member, SHH have supported legends such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Martin Rev (Suicide),Toyah and T’Pau.


Onstage, Diana is a collision between Karen O and Iggy Pop. An ultra-magnetic performer, Diana will take you through the decadent disco of Easy and blissed-out synth pop of Nothing But This Love, the gothic reveries of Innocence and the sultry techno-tango of Ausencias to the rampaging psycho-electro of live favourite Hunt. 



Welcome to the world of SHH.

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